Rouges AOP Côtes du Roussillon

Rouge cote roussilon Aspres 2010 - Clos Saint Georges



Rouge - Côtes du Roussillon Les Aspres

A charming aging wine with its scents of black berries (jam blueberry, wild blackberry) and candied morello cherry. A structured and almost full-bodied vintage that offers a mouth with flavors of black berries (elderberry, blackcurrant) and spices. A wine that promises to fade out.

  • Terroir : Sol argileux-siliceux caillouteux du quaternaire
  • Grapes : Syrah 65%/Grenache noir 20 %/Mourvèdre 10 % Carignan 5 %
  • Breeding : 24 mois en cuve
Rouge cote roussilon - Clos Saint Georges

Cuvée Chevalière du Clos


Rouge - Côtes du Roussillon

Wine to be savored without haste with meats, stuffed poultry, turkey breast, guinea fowl, veal rolls, game and cheese.

  • Terroir : Sol argileux-siliceux très caillouteux du quaternaire
  • Grapes : Syrah 50 % + Grenache noir 35 % + Carignan 15 %
  • Breeding : 36 mois en cuve


AOP Rivesaltes, AOP Muscat de Rivesaltes.

Rivesalte ambré 1978 - Chateau Canterrane

Rivesaltes ambré


AOP Rivesaltes

Médaille d’or 2017 Vignerons indépendant

Pretty mahogany dress with ocher hues. The aromas of dried fruit (roasted almonds and currants) are indulged without reservation. Deep and creamy cuvée offers a melted mouth with caramelized and vanilla notes. Final, lively and very long, enhanced by bitter orange flavors.

  • Terroir : Aspres Sol argileux-siliceux très caillouteux en terrasse.
  • Grapes : Grenache blanc 80 %. + Malvoisie 20 %
  • Breeding : 4 ans d’élevage en cuve close et 36 ans en bouteille.
Muscat - Clos saint georges

Muscat de Rivesaltes


AOP Muscat de Rivesaltes

Pale gold color with green undertones. Aromas of young fruits, especially peach and lemon. Serve as an aperitif, with dessert, goose or duck liver.

  • Terroir : Sol argileux-siliceux très caillouteux. Moyenne d’âge des vignes 25 ans
  • Grapes : Muscat Alexandrie 10 % + Muscat petits grains 90 %
  • Breeding : 36 mois en cuve
Rivesalte Rosé 2011 - Clos Saint Georges

Rivesaltes Rosé


AOP Rivesaltes

Served very cold or on ice, this aperitif evokes aromas of strawberry or raspberry which offer the elegance of a good wine and suggest the mischief of an English candy. Can also be enjoyed with dessert.

  • Terroir : Sol argileux-siliceux très caillouteux du quaternaire
  • Grapes : Grenache noir 100 %
  • Breeding : 5 mois de cuve.